Can this fruit be saved? questions

After reading "Can this fruit be saved?", answer these questions in complete sentences.
  1. How many pounds of bananas do Americans eat in a year?
  2. If the average shopping mall is 600,000 ft2, what is the density of the banana plants that Aguilar is growing?
  3. Where and when was the Cavendish banana first found?
  4. How long have bananas been in human cultivation?
  5. What is the problem with that long period of cultivation?
  6. Contrast the taste of the Cavendish and Gros Michel.
  7. What category of organism is the Panama disease?
  8. Have you heard that popular song from 1923?
  9. Why was the switch over from Gros Michel to the Cavendish so expensive?
  10. Yikes! what showed up in 1992?
  11. Describe the two strategies being used to save the banana.
  12. How long did it take Panama disease Race 4 to wipe out the Malaysian plantations?
  13. How did the banana peel force a major change in municipal government?
  14. Describe the banana plant (roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits).
  15. If bananas don't have seeds how do you get more banana plants?
  16. Oh wait, you can force a banana to make seeds. Describe this process.
  17. The Umpiko banana has a problem. What is it?
  18. Why are pathogens such a huge worry for East African countries?
  19. Why are the African varieties so genetically similar?
  20. A Black Sigatoka resistant banana has been created using a gene from __________ .
  21. Why are there concerns about a genetically modified banana?
  22. Did the Chiquita and Dole Corporations sound like a good influence for Latin American countries? Support your position.
  23. How effective is spraying for banana diseases? Support your position.
  24. How many years are left for the Cavendish?