Plant Classification Questions (Kew B1)

Use the Kew B1 Plant Classification Information Sheet external arrow to answer these questions.

  1. What is classification?  

  2. What is taxonomy?  

  3. Name an important, non-science related world event that happened in Linneaus' lifetime.  

  4. Linneaus used only _________________ parts to classify plants.
  5. Describe phylogenetic classification.  

  6. Describe the advantage of botanical classification.  

  7. What is the value of a predictive classification system? Give an example.  

  8. What three things do you need to create a classification system?  

  9. The oldest classification system was based upon physical characteristics or the _________________ of the plants.
  10. How can genes show two species are closely related?  

  11. Compare and contrast phylogenetic classification and morphologic classification.  

  12. Fill in the blanks: The ultimate goal of a _________________ system is to accurately represent plant _________________. The latest tool we are using is _________________.