A lot can be learned from a mammoth molar questions

Read the article "A lot can be learned from a mammoth molar". By David Chircop. © Everett Herald.net. November 26, 2007 and answer these questions in complete sentences:

  1. What mammoth species did the Gedney Island molar belong to?
  2. What was the age and sex of the Gedney Island mammoth?
  3. What could a radiocarbon analysis tell us about the mammoth?
  4. What could a strontium isotope analysis tell us about the mammoth?
  5. Why isn't a strontium analysis done on this molar?
  6. How many mammoth finds have been made in Washington state? What does that number of finds suggest?
  7. What is the earliest date the mammoths could have been in Washington? What is the latest date?
  8. What caused the extinction of mammoths in North America?
  9. Discuss and give ancient and modern examples of browsers and grazers.
  10. Did modern elephants evolve from mammoths? Explain your answer.
  11. Sketch a map of North America and indicate the ranges of the four species of mammoth.
  12. Where would you look on Whidbey Island for a mammoth molar? Why there?