Class Copy

A Tool for All Seasons Questions

After reading the article, "A Tool for All Seasons Questions" By Stanley H. Ambrose. ©Science Vol 314. 10 November 2006. p930, answer these questions:

  1. Who was sharing the African savannas 2 mya? What question(s) are raised by this?
  2. Discuss the evidence for the robust australopithecine's diets.
  3. "Dietary niche separation between closely related species is usually greatest when resources are scarce. Explain what that means."
  4. Describe the two sets of isotope analysis.
  5. What does tooth enamel growth allow scientists to discern?
  6. Why is laser ablation superior to other methods?
  7. What did the analysis of Paranthropus enamel reveal?
  8. The Paranthropus average carbon-isotope ratios are simliar to what modern animal?
  9. Describe the climate and primate developements during the end of the Miocene.
  10. Describe the climate and primate developments from 2.6 to 1.0 mya.
  11. What important work needs to be done with modern animals? Why is that so important?