Punnett Square Quiz

  1. In guinea pigs a rough coat (R) is dominant over smooth (r). If a heterozygous rough guinea pig is mated to a rough animal that is also heterozygous, what is the chance that they will produce a smooth-coated guinea pig?
  2. Tall tomato plants are produced by the action of a dominant allele (T) and dwarf plants by its recessive allele (t). A heterozygous tall plant is crossed with a dwarf tomato plant. Determine the phenotypic ratio for the F1 generation.
  3. Black coat color in Cocker Spaniels is dominant (B), while red coat color is recessive (b). A black male is mated to a red female and produces a litter of eight pups: four black and four red. Determine the genotypes of the parents.
  4. A streak of white in an otherwise colored head of hair is known as white forelock. The white forelock allele is dominant (F). If a woman with the white forelock marries a man without a white forelock and their first child has no white forelock, what is the genotype of the woman?