Mendelian Genetics Questions

On a separate sheet of paper answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. What is a trait?
  2. Define genetics.
  3. Describe how Mendel's training in physics and mathematics assisted his studies of biology.
  4. How did the flower structure of pea plants assist Mendel in his work?
  5. Before making hybrids, why must a person have pure-bred lines?
  6. Compare and contrast dominant and recessive traits.
  7. State Mendel's three laws in your own words.
  8. Compare and contrast a scientific law and a scientific theory.
  9. How did Mendel use phenotypes to determine genotypes?
  10. "-zygous" derives from the Greek word "zygon" which means to join. Use your understanding of the prefixes "hetero-" and "homo-" to explain what heterozygous and homozygous mean.