One Common Ancestor Behind Blue Eyes Questions

After reading the article One Common Ancestor Behind Blue Eyes answer these questions.

  1. Humans originally all had _________ eyes.
  2. How does the genetic mutation affecting OCA2 produce blue eyes?
  3. The genetic switch isn't OCA2! What does the genetic switch do?
  4. What would happen if the OCA2 gene was completely turned off?
  5. The article says that only mitochondrial DNA was examined which comes only from the mother. What does this say about the father's sperm?
  6. Segments of DNA that haven't been shuffled around are called ________.
  7. If you and I share the same long haplotypes that means we ____.
  8. The amount of the chemical _________ determines your eye color.
  9. People in Denmark, Turkey and Jordan sharing the same blue-eye gene related haplotypes means that _____ .
  10. Why do you think the blue-eye gene spread throughout Europe?