Evolution Test

Choose four of these six questions to answer. I can't grade what I can't read.

  1. Explain how the medium ground finches and the rock pocket mice were affected by natural selection. The best answers will describe the forces acting on each species and how natural selection "pushed" each population.
  2. Explain how mutation affected the rock pocket mice, but was not a factor with the medium ground finches. The best answers will describe how population changes in each species' populations came about.
  3. Five causes of microevolution are genetic drift, natural selection, mutation, gene flow and nonrandom mating. Of those five causes which one will lead to species better adapted to their environment? The best answers will explain why your choice is correct and specifically how the other four are not.
  4. Three steps towards speciation are population isolation, divergence in traits (microevolution) and reproductive isolation. Explain how the guppies in the Trinidad rivers (Reznick) exhibited two of the three steps. The best answers will describe in detail the two steps exhibited and how the last step would be detected.
  5. Darwin provided the world with the concepts of "natural selection" and "descent with modification". Explain how the fossil record leading to the modern horse illustrates descent with modification. The best answers will describe the concept of descent, traits, modifications, why modifications might occur and macroevolution trends.
  6. What is meant by the phrase "Natural selection acts on individuals, but populations evolve"? The best answers will elaborate on traits, genes, inheritance, the fixed nature of individuals and the changeable nature of populations.