Ring Species: Salamanders (edited) Questions

After reading Ring Species: Salamanders, answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. How is a salamander different from a lizard?
  2. Where was the ancestral ensatina population?
  3. Sketch a map of Oregon and California and label where you estimate the six ensatina sub-populations are.
  4. Why does the San Joaquin valley split the ensatina populations?
  5. If there wasn't a San Joaquin valley would there be different ensatina populations ?
  6. How are the coastal ensatina populations different from the populations in the Sierra Nevada ?
  7. Why would a salamander population develop bright yellow colors?
  8. What two factors keep neighboring populations from merging ?
  9. How long has David Wake been studying ensatina?
  10. What do David Reznick, Peter Grant and David Wake have in common ?
  11. Compare a spiral parking garage to ring species.