Lactose Intolerance Questions

After reading the article Early man 'couldn't stomach milk' or "Milk allergy 'caused by Stone Age genes'", answer these questions in your journal with complete sentences. You will likely have to consult a dictionary or your biology book.

  1. Define neolithic.
  2. What is a gene?
  3. Make a diagram (for example a concept map) showing the relationships among: lactase gene, lactase, lactose, milk, enzyme, substrate.
  4. When did the lactose gene show up in Europeans?
  5. What are three advantages bestowed upon a person having a lactase gene?
  6. Which came first the lactase gene or dairy farming?
  7. Why raise cows if you can't drink the milk?
  8. What percentage of the white British people have the lactase gene?
  9. Explain how the percentage of the European population with the lactase gene increased. How were those people being "selected" to have more offspring that survived to reproduce?