Evolution / Genes / Populations Project

This project will convert your knowledge and understandings about natural selection (evolution), alleles and populations into another media or format. You may choose to do one of these projects: a comic book, a poem, a rap, a imagined interview with an evolutionary biologist.

  1. Grading will be based in part upon the quality of product (comic book, poem, rap) as assessed in the first table.
  2. Grading will be based upon completeness and accuracy of your knowledge about natural selection, alleles and populations as assessed in the second table.
  3. Each comic book panel, poem stanza and line of the rap must be numbered for use in the 'Location' column. The 'Location' columns are where the student will indicate where in their document the content ideas are best addressed.
  4. The more topics you address the higher your grade. Remember though, that doing a good job on fewer concepts will make a better product than doing a little on many topics.


Table 1 - Media

Points (5 pts) Comic Book Themes Poem Themes Rap Themes Interview
  Well-drawn images Descriptive wording Good beat Engaging style
  Clear villains and heroes Has meaning Good lyrics Insightful questions
  Strong theme Clear theme Clear theme Clear theme
  Has action Flows Good rhymes Good pacing
  Good plot Understandable Understandable Creates interest
  Subtotal (25 pts max)

Table 2 Content

Location Completeness (2 pts) Accuracy (2 pts) Theory of Natural Selection (Analysis by Ernst Mayr)
      Individuals compete for resources and only a few survive.
      Some traits will give an individual advantages for survival.
      Those individuals will likely have more offspring.
      Characteristics of the population will change over time as natural selection favors some traits.
Concerning Natural Selection
      Natural selection acts on individuals, but populations evolve.
      Natural selection acts on individuals, but allele frequencies change.
      Natural selection doesn't predict the future.
      Natural selection not random, but isn't progressive.
      Natural selection doesn't produce perfection.
Speciation process
      Population isolation (gene flow is interrupted):
      Divergence in traits
      Reproductive isolation
      Subtotal (26 pts x 2)

Total points = ___________