Evogram Questions

After reading the page What are Evograms? external arrow, answer these questions:

  1. What is a vertebrate?
  2. "Evograms are diagrams that convey information about ______ a group of __________ and their particular features _________."
  3. What does homologous mean?
  4. What is a phylogeny?
  5. What do you, your sister/brother, your first cousin have in common?
  6. What do the length of the blue bars represent?
  7. What do the pink lines represent?
  8. What are phylogenies based upon?
  9. How many characteristics are used to develop a phylogeny?
  10. What characteristic does Ichthyostega, Tulerpeton and tertrapods share?
  11. Do Ichthyostega, Tulerpeton and tertrapods have a common ancestor?
  12. Is Ichthyostega the ancestor of Tulerpeton?
  13. What are outgroups?
  14. Computer programs are used to build phylogenetic trees based upon the fewest ______.
  15. Why are evograms important?
  16. What does the first vertebra allow vertebrates to do? And the second vertebra?
  17. What is an exaptation? And give an example.
  18. This evogram covers an important time in the development of life on Earth. What happened during this evogram?
  19. What was likely the original function of feathers?
  20. What is a current exaptation for feathers?
  21. Does the evogram show humans have been on Earth for 360 my?