"Darwinian shift: survival of the smallest" questions

After reading the article "Darwinian shift: survival of the smallest", answer these questions in complete sentences in your journal.

  1. What does the word 'contemporary' mean?
  2. Contemporary evolution was once thought to be an exception now it is seen as _____________________.
  3. What percentage of the Grand Banks cod populations were left by the early 1990's?
  4. Describe the cod that remained after the Grand Banks fisheries collapse.
  5. Over ten years ago cod fishing on the Grand Banks was banned. What hasn't happened since then?
  6. Explain why Dr. Olsen described what happened to the cod as "Survival of the smallest".
  7. When should managers cut back on the fishing of endangered populations ?
  8. Describe what happened to the mountain sheep and why their population changed.
  9. How is hunting in Europe different from here?
  10. What does Dr. Kinnison say about local populations ?
  11. List the names of the universities mentioned in the article.
  12. What lessons does the Atlantic cod fisheries have for Pacific Northwest salmon fisheries ?