Classroom Expectations and Procedures

  1. Students are expected to observe the procedures and codes of conduct in the OHHS Student Handbook. We will follow the progressive discipline policies as described in the OHHS Student Handbook.
  2. Drinks and food are not allowed in the classroom.
  3. Refer to the class syllabus for information on the Re-Do, Absences (and below), Extra Help and Plagiarism policies.
  4. Absences affect your grades! This is an activities-based class. Check the on-line class calendar for listings of a missed day's activity. Students are responsible for making up their work. For logistic reasons, make up of every activity may not be feasible. Don't miss class!
  5. Assignments are due at the beginning of the period. Assignment due dates are announced in class, written on the whiteboard calendar and posted online at Late work is handled per the class syllabus.
  6. Students gather lab data collaboratively. Students should discuss the lab activity, but only the raw data will be common to lab partners. Lab reports are individual responsibilities. Each student is unique, each student is responsible for turning in their own, unique lab report. Anything otherwise is cheating.
  7. OHHS welcomes the appropriate use of all sorts of electronic devices. Appropriate means aiding the education process for an individual student and their peers. SMS texting is inappropriate in the classroom. Use of cameras, accessing the Internet or listening to music requires the instructor's explicit permission.
  8. Grades are available on-line through the Family Access web site. Check them carefully. Grading scales and weighting are in the class syllabi.
  9. Extra credit is not given. It is more time and grade effective for students to attend to assignments.
  10. Each day bring text books, paper, pencils, blue or black pen, eraser, colored pencils, and a calculator to class. Bring ALL required materials to class every day. A USB flash drive is convenient.
  11. Enter class quietly. When the bell rings, be in your seat studying or working on the warm-up activity.
  12. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized if you have something to say. Do not talk while others are talking.
  13. All students are expected to be active, productive participants every class day.
  14. When you finish early, review your notebook or work on your homework. Do not distract others.
  15. The bell does not dismiss you. When everyone is seated and the room is clean and organized then I will dismiss you.
  16. Students should use the bathroom during their breaks. Students who abuse bathroom privileges will make up time at the instructor's discretion.
  17. This document and a class calendar can be found on-line at Mr. Rick can be reached during school hours at 279-5778 and at brick @ ohsd . net