Rubric - Informational Product with Visuals

Category 5 4 3 2 1 Score
Contents Meets goals for overview (big picture) and standalone use. Meets goals, but a section is confusing or not covered adequately. Doesn't meet goals for overview (big picture) and standalone use. Missing or confusing in two sections. Missing or confusing in three or more sections.  
Writing Each section well organized, grammatically correct, no spelling or punctuation error. Well organized, grammatically correct, one or two spelling or punctuation errors. Grammatical problems, spelling or punctuation errors. Organization or grammatical problems, spelling or punctuation errors. Confusing organization, numerous errors.  
Information Appropriate amount of clear, concise, accurate information with sources cited. Appropriate amount of accurate information and sources cited. Inappropriate amount or inaccurate information or uncited source. More than one omission, factual error or uncited source. Multiple omissions, errors or lack of citation.  
Attractiveness & Organization Exceptionally attractive formatting and well-organized information. Attractive formatting and well-organized information. Well-organized information. Formatting and organization is confusing. Messy or poorly designed.  
Graphics/ Pictures Appropriate, clear, legible graphics that enhance text. Clear and legible graphics, that are appropriate for text Appropriate type and number of graphics for text Inappropriate number, type or poorly rendered graphics. Multiple problems with graphics.  

Rubric derived from the University of Kansas RubiStar project.