Plagiarism Assignment

It is never acceptable to copy another's work and claim it as your own.

This is common knowledge if not common practice. Consequences for plagiarism can be severe, including expulsion! However, plagiarism includes practices that some would consider "OK". The web site "What is Plagiarism?" has nine answers to common questions about plagiarism. The instructor will assign the number of a question/topic to you. You will meet with the other people in your class who have that question/topic. Each group will present a brief (< 3 minute) explanation to the class about the question and answer. An oral presentation with an overhead transparency prepared ahead of time is expected.

Grading Rubric Information: Organization: Presentation:
Above Standard (5 pts) Accurate, complete, extensive. Exemplary, clear and logical. Informed, poised, not requiring notes.
Meets Standard (3 pts) Accurate and complete. Aids presentation. Informed, with reference to notes.
Below Standard (1 pt) Inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate. Detracts from presentation. Unable to discuss information or reads from paper.

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Percentage Contribution

Question Information Organization Presentation Total