Rosario Beach Field Trip Permission

To: Parents / Guardians of OHHS Science Students

Re: Rosario Beach Field Trip

Field Trip Date: Friday, May 7th, ?:?? to 2:00

Your student has asked to attend an optional field trip to Rosario Beach on Friday, May 7th. Students are only permitted to attend the field trip if they have shown no behavior problems and are currently passing their Introduction to Biology or Environmental Science class with a "C" or better. We will be looking at the tidepools and human impacts on these systems.

Please sign below to indicate whether or not you will permit your student to attend the field trip. Students must also obtain permission from teachers whose classes they will miss. If you have any questions about the field trip, the necessary conditions for attendance, or the field trip guidelines, please contact me, Mr. Rick, at 279-5466,, or write a note below.

My student ______________________________ has permission to participate in the Rosario beach field trip.

Parent Signature _______________________________________         Date _____________________

Field trip guidelines and rules:

  1. Students are responsible for any work they miss in other classes. All students will participate in the activities at Rosario beach.
  2. Students will follow school rules at all times, on the bus and at the beach, or students will be disciplined under the discipline code of Oak Harbor High School.
  3. Dress needs to be appropriate. No shorts, skirts, tank tops or sandals. People slip on wet rocks and it is dangerous not to have arms and legs covered. Rubber-soled shoes are advised for navigating the rocky beaches and the tidal pool areas. We will go rain or shine, so be prepared for the weather. There is little covered shelter at Rosario beach.
  4. Meet in front of the school at ?:?? for attendance-taking. We will be back at OHHS at 2:00.
  5. Bring writing equipment with you - a clipboard can be handy.
  6. Bring a lunch, snacks and beverages for the beach. There is no food available at the park.

Teacher Approvals: