Tundra Food Web

Directions: Create a food web using the organisms described below. Indicate with different colors which are primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, etc. You may chose to write the organism name in color or give each name a color border. Include a legend to explain what the colors represent.

Organism Description Foods
lichen symbiotic fungal and algae association primary producer
grasses and sedges low bunch plants primary producers
willow low-lying, small trees primary producers
lemmings small rodent noted for cyclic population swings herbivore - grasses and other plants
arctic hares heaviest of the lagomorphs herbivore - willow and grasses
caribou large member of the deer family herbivore - lichen, grasses and small trees
snowy owl large white owl with dark streaks on breast carnivore - small rodents and hares
arctic fox member of fox family with dense under fur carnivore - rodents, hares and birds
wolf largest canid omnivore - rodents, hares, birds, caribou and plant materials