Estimating a OHHS weed population

  1. You and a partner will estimate the number of weeds in an area at OHHS specified by your instructor.
  2. You may use the quadrat or strip transect method. The sampled area is to be between 2% and 5% of the total area.
  3. Your results will be presented to the class in an electronic presentation. Include this information:
    1. Description of quadrat sampling method.
    2. Sample site location and data.
    3. Definition of 'weed'.
    4. Quadrat data - locations and weed counts.
    5. Calculations.
    6. Estimates of weed number.

OHHS Weed Population Rubric

Grading Rubric Above Standard (5 pts) Meets Standard (3 pts) Below Standard (1 pt) Subtotal
Information: Accurate, complete, extensive with calculations. Accurate and complete with calculations. Inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate. Sources not cited = 0  
Organization: Exemplary, clear and logical. Aids presentation. Detracts from presentation.  
Presentation: Informed, poised, not requiring notes. Informed, with reference to notes. Unable to discuss information or reads from paper.  
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