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The Fish And The Forest Questions

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  1. Under what false premise was a bear cull proposed?
  2. Diagram the Oncorhynchus life cycle.
  3. Convert the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus received a month by 250 meters of SE Alaskan stream to English units.
  4. What are the common and scientific names of the bears discussed?
  5. Why or why not are bears true hibernators?
  6. What two behaviors do bears exhibit to maximize their nourishment from the fish?
  7. What do the salmon eat as they migrate up the freshwater streams and rivers?
  8. What three things do bears do that make marine-derived nutrients available to stream-side plants and animals?
  9. List at least twelve animals (aside from bears) that directly use the salmon carcasses.
  10. Why would there be a greater number of insectivorous birds at salmon streams?
  11. True or False: Plant growth in northern forests is limited by the cold winters. Explain your answer.
  12. How could a researcher determine that "up to 70 percent of the nitrogen in the foliage of streamside shrubs and trees is of salmon origin." ?
  13. Sitka spruce trees are used to make pianos, guitars and violins. Why would musicians care about salmon or bears?
  14. Diagram the traditional idea of nutrient flow in riparian ecosystems.
  15. Now add the new understanding of nutrient flow to your diagram.
  16. What does "viability of the population" mean when setting commercial fishing rates?
  17. How long will salmon carcass transport by state agencies continue?
  18. Why would subordinate bears spend time away from the rich salmon streams?
  19. Based on the 30 hours a week you spend in school, how many weeks did the researchers spend in the platforms watching bears?
  20. Complete table as indicated below:
    Comparison Dominant bears Subordinate bears
    Winning or losing confrontations    
    Time spent foraging    
    No. of salmon captured    
    Distance salmon carried    
    Amount of salmon carcass consumed