Class Copy

Questions for "The man who farms water"

Answer these questions in your journal using complete sentences.

  1. The landscape and climate of Zimbabwe reminded the author of ______.
  2. In the southern hemisphere, the sun:
    • rises in ( north, south, east, west),
    • sets in the ( north, south, east, west),
    • and at noon is closest towards the ( northern, southern, eastern, western ) horizon.
  3. This article may have several words which are new to you. Using a dictionary if necessary, write down a brief definition of these words :
    1. cistern -
    2. gabions -
    3. catchment -
    4. berm -
    5. fodder -
    6. aquaculture -
    7. swale -
  4. Greywater is water that has been used in the household, but not contaminated with human waste. For example, the water used to wash and rinse dishes is greywater. How does Mr. Phiri deal with his greywater ?
  5. Explain why Mr. Phiri grows a diversity of crops.
  6. What unusual source of animal protein for a grassland does Mr. Phiri tend ?
  7. Many of the structures and crops on Mr. Phiri's farm serve multiple purposes. For example, the dense grasses around the reservoirs not only feed the cattle, they are used for :
  8. One of the criticisms of American efforts to help developing nations grow their own food supply is our reliance on fertilizers that require a lot of energy and natural resources to manufacture. What method does Mr. Phiri use to provide nitrogen for his crops ?
  9. Mr. Phiri said he "taught the trees his system". Later in the article he said over three decades his work has begun "to rhyme with nature". Has his success came from teaching nature or listening to nature ? What do you think and why ?
  10. What is the name of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Mr. Phiri created ?
  11. What is that NGO doing ?
  12. Why were the teachers Mr. Phiri visited on strike ?
  13. Quote Mr. Phiri's plant analogy for children from the end of the article.
  14. Based upon the sketch, estimate the length and width of Mr. Phiri's farm.
  15. Central Whidbey island gets about the same amount of rain as Mr. Phiri's farm. Imagine you owned your own house here. Describe what you could do to reduce the amount of water needed for your landscaping. You may describe what you could do with your existing home or a friend's home.