Drought Questions

After reading the articles Dust Bowl and Dry Times in North America- Page 4, answer these questions in complete sentences in your journal.

  1. What caused the dust bowl on the 1930's?
  2. What broke down the plains sod?
  3. The population of Northern Whidbey Island is about 43,000 people. What is 15% of that population?
  4. How far away was the dust blown in the May 1934 storm?
  5. Describe the drought events in North America from 2400 BCE to 1200 CE.
  6. What happened in to the North American climate around 1200 CE?
  7. When did the wetter conditions that developed after 1200 CE end?
  8. Will we see a return to the climate behavior that North America experienced before 1200 AD?