Deciduous Forest Food Web

The table lists producers and consumers in a temperate deciduous forest community. On a separate sheet of paper create two diagrams.

  1. Draw and label a trophic level pyramid with primary producers as the bottom level and the top consumers at the top.
  2. Draw and label a food web showing all the trophic relationships. Keep the trophic levels on the same tier or level of your diagram.
Organism(s) Consumes
salamander insects, invertebrates
squirrels acorns, fruits and seeds
chipmunks acorns, fruits and seeds
mice acorns, fruits and seeds
woodpeckers insects
spiders insects
shrews insects, invertebrates, salamanders
thrush insects
flycatchers insects
owls small birds, rodents
organic matter primary producer
plants primary producers
microbes organic matter
invertebrates (animals without backbones - nematodes, worms, etc). microbes, plant material
insects organic matter, plant material
butterflies and moths leaves, flowers
bees flowers
flies and mosquitoes sap and plant juices