Coniferous Forest Food Web

Directions: Create a food web using the organisms described below. Indicate with different colors which are primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, etc. You may chose to write the organism name in color or give each name a color border. Include a legend to explain what the colors represent.

Organism Description Trophic level
Douglas fir tall conifer primary producer
willow small shrubs and trees found near waterways primary producers
alder small shrubs and trees forms symbiotic relationships with nitrogen fixing bacteria primary producers
voles large group of small rodents herbivore - plant materials and fungus
chickaree red squirrel of western forests herbivore - seeds and fungus,
carnivore - nestlings
black-tail deer common cud-chewing hoofed mammal herbivore(browser) - shrubs, trees, grasses, moss, lichens
snowshoe hare large hare with short ears herbivore - aspen, willow and alder
fisher shy medium-sized (10 pounds, 3 feet long) member of the weasel family carnivore - rodents and other small mammals
lynx medium-sized cat (28 pounds) with bobbed tail and ear tufts carnivore - specialist on snowshoe hares
cougar largest North American cat carnivore - most everything esp deer.
wolf largest canid omnivore - rodents, hares, birds, deer and plant materials