Biome Prospectus Note Sheet

This note sheet needs to be turned in with your project.

Temperature Citation(s)
Two abiotic factors Citation(s)
Prevalent Vegetation Citation(s)
Location Citation(s)
Animal Life Citation(s)
Importance to Humans Citation(s)
Human Impact Citation(s)
Possible Solutions Citation(s)

Biome Prospectus Rubric
Attribute Above Standard (5 pts) Meets Standard (3 pts) Below Standard (1 pt) Score
Information: Accurate, complete, extensive. Accurate and complete. Inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate.  
Visuals: Well-rendered, enhances product, aids understanding. Pleasing, aids understanding. Irrelevant, distracting, inappropriate or not included.  
Neatness: Exemplary, neat, well planned, enhances display. Neat, aids display. Messy, cluttered, detracts from display.  
Note Sheet: Accurate, complete, extensive, citations. Accurate, complete, citations. Inaccurate, incomplete, inappropriate, no citations.