Biome Prospectus


A prospectus is a document used to introduce an institution or organization. A prospectus describes the existing state of the topic or institution, its history and prospects for the future. The purpose of the prospectus is to encourage the reader to become part of the endeavor. As a sales document the prospectus strives to be attractive and compelling. The document format can be a small brochure or comprise many pages in booklet form.

A prospectus is commonly used by financial companies to detail investments such as mutual funds. Universities use a prospectus to attract admission applicants by describing the facilities and academic programs. Major Hollywood films are pitched to prospective financiers with a prospectus.


The organization you work for promotes the preservation of a biome on the planet. You have been tasked with producing a prospectus for that biome. Note: you will sign up for your biome organization using the teacher supplied list.

The purpose of the brochure is to introduce the audience to your biome. Your biome is likely little understood or is under appreciated. Your prospectus will educate the reader. After reading the prospectus, the reader should feel motivated to become an advocate for the biome perhaps by providing financial assistance to your organization or by the reader's volunteerism. The format will be a several page booklet, brochure, or a web page.

Prospectus Components

The prospectus information should include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Description of the biome:
    1. general summary describing the biome
    2. climatograph (done by hand on graph paper)
    3. summary of information that is presented in the climatograph
    4. explanation of how two abiotic factors effect this biome
    5. prevalent vegetation (three main species of primary producers)
    6. typical animal life (four primary consumers, four secondary consumers, and two tertiary consumers)
    7. food web that includes organisms from d. and e. above (done by hand with labeled pictures)
    8. extent of biome on planet (colored on a map of the world).
  2. Human history and the biome (past, present and future):
    1. the relationship and importance to human culture and commerce
    2. impact of humanity on the biome in the past and present
    3. possible solutions to the problems facing this biome


The prospectus is worth 20 project points. The following rubric will be used:

Attribute Above Standard (5 pts) Meets Standard (3 pts) Below Standard (1 pt)
Information: Accurate, complete, extensive. Accurate and complete. Inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate.
Visuals: Well-rendered, enhances product, aids understanding. Pleasing, aids understanding. Irrelevant, distracting, inappropriate or not included.
Neatness: Exemplary, neat, well planned, enhances display. Neat, aids display. Messy, cluttered, detracts from display.
Note Sheet: Accurate, complete, extensive, citations. Accurate, complete, citations. Inaccurate, incomplete, inappropriate, no citations.