Earth Model Data

  1. ____________________ Mass of your completed Earth model.
  2. ____________________ Circumference of your Earth model.
  3. ____________________ Instructor signoff for sectioned Earth model.
  4. In Table 1, calculate the normalized thicknesses of the Earth's layers. Divide all the thicknesses by the smallest thickness (crust). Include a sample calculation here:
  5. In Table 2, calculate the normalized thicknesses of the layers of the baker's clay model.

Table 1. Real Earth Data
Layer Actual layer width (km) Actual layer width (normalized)
Inner core 1216
Outer core 2270
Mantle 2885
Crust 20
Table 2. Model Earth Data
Layer Clay color used Layer thickness of model (measured in cm) Layer thickness of model (normalized)
Inner core


Outer core








  1. What was the biggest problem making the model?

  2. How has your perception of the thickness of the Earth's crust changed from doing this lab?

  3. Why is normalizing your data useful?