My Soil's Profile

Earlier you identified the soil found at your home (at least the soil there before your home was built). In this project you will make a poster to communicate information about your soil. The source of your information is the Soil Survey of Island County (1958) (.pdf) and the Web Soil Survey.

Your poster should share the following information in a non-jargony way.

  1. Locations of soil on Whidbey Island
    1. Description and map of North Whidbey Island showing extent of the soil.
  2. Origins of soil
  3. Pre-contact vegetation
  4. Profile description
    1. Draw a proportional annotated cross-section of the profile.
  5. Use and suitability
    1. Primarily uses
    2. Growing season considerations (late summer drought, etc)
    3. Plants suited to this soil
    4. Fertility