Sedimentary Rock Subsystem Quiz (SYSB)

Complete the rock cycle diagram. blank rock cycle

  1. Describe the two types of sedimentary rock.
  2. Arrange this list of sediments from largest to the smallest fragment sizes: clay, silt, sand, gravel, cobbles.
  3. What is a chemical precipitate?
  4. List the steps for forming a sedimentary rock.
  5. Describe the two major types of weathering and give an example of each.
  6. Erosion has many forms. Describe two agents of erosion and a location on Earth where their actions are evident.
  7. Discuss the effects of energy on the sorting process of deposition.
  8. Describe the two processes of lithification.
  9. If you were looking for fossils which type of sedimentary rock would you most be interested in? Explain your reasoning.
  10. Complete the table below for two sedimentary rock environments.
    Environment Agents of transportation or precipitation Sediments Rock