Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Quiz

Directions: Using your knowledge of earth science, for each word group write a meaningful, illustrative sentence. The sentence communicates your mastery of the content and processes of plate tectonics. Grammar and spelling are important.

  1. inner core, outer core, mantle, crust.
  2. crust, lithosphere, asthenosphere, mantle.
  3. asthenosphere, convection currents, plate tectonics.
  4. continental drift, plate tectonics, evidence
  5. Pangea, paleoclimates, fossils
  6. Pangea, rock formations, mountain ranges
  7. divergent boundary, geomagnetic reversals, magma
  8. plate boundaries, earthquake belts, P- and S-waves.
  9. sea-floor spreading, divergent boundary, mid-ocean ridges.
  10. transform boundary, divergent boundary.
  11. ocean trench, subduction zones, convergent boundary.
  12. hot spot, Hawaii, mantle.