Plate Tectonics: the last 400 years

After Mapping boundaries with earthquakes, Patterns in earthquake depths, Earthquake depths, Pangaea Reconstruction, Evidence of Continental Drift, History of Continental drift, Basic Earth Structure Notes, Crust and Mantle vs. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere, Sea floor Spreading, and Geomagnetism, answer these questions.

  1. For several centuries people had wondered about what odd feature of the planet's continent geometry?
  2. Describe the three main types of evidence that Wegener used to support his idea of continental drift.
  3. Why didn't Wegener use sea floor spreading and geomagnetism to support his ideas?
  4. Explain how the paleoclimate evidence covered both ends of the climate extremes on Earth.
  5. What evidence does one use to decide that mountain ranges on different continents were once connected?
  6. Explain how earthquakes were used to:
    1. Determine plate boundaries
    2. Map plate subduction
    3. Establish Earth structure
  7. Make a sketch of sea floor spreading.
  8. On your sketch, indicate what the paleomagnetism patterns might look like.
  9. It wasn't just that fossils of the same organisms were found on separate continents. In the fossil record of several continents, groups of plants and animals showed a simultaneous, orderly evolution. At some point in time their evolutionary paths diverged. Explain that pattern in light of plate tectonics.