Evidence of Continental Drift Questions

  1. In the fossil record of several continents, groups of plants and animals showed a simultaneous, orderly evolution. At some point in time their evolutionary paths diverged. Explain what happened.  

  2. Paleontologists found fossils of some land plants and animals that were found to span modern day oceans. How can that be explained?  

  3. What is your favorite BFF (best fossil forever) plant or animal encountered so far in our study of Pangaea? Why is it your favorite?  

  4. Wegener observed that rocks in Eastern Brazil matched those of northeastern Africa. Explain each of the three significant characteristics a geologist would look for to 'match' rocks. 

  5. The Appalachian Mountain, Caledonian mountains of Scotland, the Scandes mountains of Norway and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco were once one mountain range of Pangaea. What allows a modern geologist to make this claim?  

  6. Explain how the paleoclimate evidence covered the full range of climates on Earth.