Minerals and Rocks Vocabulary Quiz Key

  1.   e   =   cleavage
  2.   a   =   crystal
  3.   f   =   deposition
  4.   o   =   erosion
  5.   j   =   fracture
  6.   g   =   igneous
  7.   b   =   lithification
  8.   k   =   luster
  9.   i   =   metamorphic
  10.   c   =   mineral
  11.   d   =   rock
  12.   n   =   sedimentary
  13.   l   =   topography
  14.   h   =   uplift
  15.   m   =   weathering
  1. The external form that a mineral has reflecting the orderly internal arrangement of its atoms.
  2. When sediments turn to hard rock by being compacted by the weight of more sediment and cemented by minerals.
  3. A naturally occurring, inorganic solid with crystalline form, and specific chemical composition.
  4. An aggregate of one or more minerals.
  5. Some minerals will break along lines of weakness according to the chemical bonds that make up the mineral leaving flat surfaces of varying smoothness.
  6. When sediments are laid down in a new location.
  7. A rock forming from the cooling and crystallization of liquid rock.
  8. Process where rocks are exposed to weathering and erosion.
  9. Rocks forming from other rocks that have been subjected to heat and pressure.
  10. This is the way some minerals break along irregular surfaces.
  11. The appearance of the light reflected from the mineral's surface.
  12. The Earth's surface contour including slope, elevation and aspect.
  13. The breaking down of pre-existing rocks at the Earth's surface by chemical and mechanical action.
  14. Rocks formed at the Earth's surface by the hydrological system (involves weathering, erosion, deposition and lithification).
  15. Removal and transportation of weathered materials.