iMineral Hunt (reduced)

  1. Below is a listing of the elements required for cell phones and personal electronic entertainment devices.
  2. Your project is to compile information on the prevalent mineral source for four elements needed to build such a device.
  3. If the element is obtained from an ore composed of several minerals, use the most important mineral. If one mineral is difficult to find information on choose a different mineral. Remember you are looking for the mineral not the element.
  4. The mineral information will include the chemical formula with the physical properties we have used to identify minerals.
  5. You should be able to explain the meaning of any terms used in the mineral information.
  6. This information will be presented on an annotated world map. The map will show an important mining location for a particular ore.
  7. Sources for information on each element must be cited!

Element List

  1. antinomy
  2. arsenic
  3. beryllium
  4. chromium
  5. cobalt
  6. gallium
  7. indium
  8. iron
  9. lead
  10. nickel
  11. silicon
  12. tantalum
  13. tin
  14. titanium
  15. zinc

Mineral Information

Example Mineral Information

iMineral Scoring

Attribute Above Standard (5 pts) Meets Standard (3 pts) Below Standard (1 pt) Subtotal
No. of Minerals: More than the requested number All accounted for Missing one or more
Mineral properties: Accurate, complete, extensive. Accurate and complete. Inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate. Sources not cited = 0
Map: Well-rendered, enhances product, aids understanding. Pleasing, aids understanding. Missing, irrelevant, distracting, inappropriate. Sources not cited = 0.
Neatness: Exemplary, neat, well planned, enhances display. Neat, aids display. Messy, cluttered, detracts from display.
Per: Names: