Origins of the Earth and Moon Questions

After reading about the Hadean and Archean Eons in History of Earth (or Alternate information resource) in Wikipedia answer these questions in complete sentences in your journal.

  1. Initially the solar system was a large rotating cloud of ___.
  2. The heavier elements of the solar system came from ___.
  3. How long ago did the solar system form?
  4. What spectacular event jump-started the formation of the sun?
  5. List three factors that increased the kinetic heat of the proto-sun.
  6. What became of the material left over from the sun's formation?
  7. What is 150 million km in miles?
  8. Describe what happened 4.533 billion years ago.
  9. If you didn't explain what Theia was in the last question, do so now.
  10. What happened to a large portion of the Earth's crust after the collision with Theia?
  11. What became of Theia's heavier elements?
  12. Describe three outcomes for the earth due to the collision with Theia.
  13. Define these words from the reading; cite your source for each definition: Big Bang, supernova, solar nebula, nuclear fusion, solar wind, accretion, oblique, ejecta, plate tectonics.