Origins Quiz

Use your journal to answer these questions:

  1. How long ago did the solar system form?_____________________
  2. The heavier elements of the solar system came from
  3. What became of the material left over from the sun's formation?

  4. What became of Theia's heavier elements?

  5. What happened to a large portion of the Earth's crust after the collision with Theia?

  6. Describe three outcomes for the earth due to the collision with Theia.

  7. In your earth model, how many grams of clay did you use for the crust?__________________
  8. Which layer of the Earth has the least volume? ___________________________
  9. Complete the table
    Earth layer Composition Phase
    Crust silicate minerals solid



  10. On the back of this paper record your answer to Sept 17th's warmup.