Earthquake Preparedness Project


As you know Whidbey Island is in the middle of a very geologically active area. We need to be concerned about major earthquakes in our area. This activity is designed to help you and your family get ready for an earthquake. Identify your paper with only your student number and period.


On a sheet of graph paper, draw a floor plan of your house or apartment. If your house is more than one story use a sheet of graph paper for each floor. Sketch the outlines of the rooms first VERY LIGHTLY with a pencil. When they are right, use a ruler to darken them. Clearly label each room.

Think about where in your house there are tables, bookshelves, windows, mirrors, etc. Remember that objects in your house could either help you or hurt you during an earthquake. Use what you know about your house and the Red Cross / FEMA guide to make a good earthquake plan. Also use the following checklist for marking your map as you go:

A few other important steps to help you develop a complete plan:

  1. It is best to have a small earthquake kit (water, food and warm clothes) in the back of each car.
  2. Have plan for reuniting family members in case you are not together at the time of the EQ.