Chemical Reaction Rate Lab

Directions: Use this packet to help you formulate a question and plan an investigation to answer that question. You must have instructor approve and initial each part of your lab before moving on or collecting data. You should have an approved procedure by Wednesday in order to complete the lab on time.

Pre-Lab Brainstorming and Observations

  1. What variables affect the rate of a chemical reaction?
  2. How do these variables affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

Scientific Investigation Design

  1. Ask a Question _______ Teacher Initials

    Include both the manipulated and responding variables.

  2. Gather Relevant Background Information _______ Teacher Initials

    Write a paragraph describing what you know about rates of chemical reactions.

  3. Make a PREDICTION _______ Teacher Initials

    Write your hypothesis in an "If ____then ____ because ___" statement. Be sure to include your manipulated variable and how it will change and your responding variable and how you think it will respond.

  4. Design an EXPERIMENT _______ Teacher Initials

    Write a detailed, step-by-step, procedure and include a list of basic materials needed. Be sure to include the following in your procedure: 1 manipulated variable, 1 responding variable, 2 controlled variables, an experimental control condition, repeated trials, logical steps.

    • Materials List:
    • Procedure:

  5. Record Data _______ Teacher Initials

    Design a data table to record your data. You must include the manipulated variable, the responding variable and repeated trials.

  6. Draw a CONCLUSION _______ Teacher Initials

    Be sure to answer the investigative question and support your conclusion with specific high and low data. Explain how the data supports/rejects the hypothesis. Evaluate your work by stating any possible errors or unforeseen events that may have affected your results.


Usually Successful Reactions

Factor Reactant Reactant
Vinegar Magnesium ribbon
HCl zinc
H2O2 MnO2
Effervescent tablets water