Chemical Behavior Investigation


  1. This quarter, you have investigated aspects of chemical behavior and have mastered the "I can" statements from the syllabus.
  2. As the quarter progressed you may have wondered about chemical behavior beyond what was exactly covered in our activities.
  3. Completing this quarter's Activity Log allowed you to record some of your ideas.
  4. Now you and a lab partner will investigate some of these "What if" ideas.

The Investigation

  1. An investigation must be designed, planned, monitored, implemented and documented.
  2. Your investigation must explicitly state what aspect of chemical behavior is being explored.
  3. The unifying investigation document will be a lab report.
  4. The design and planning of the investigation will be develop from the lab report draft.
  5. Your instructor will review your design.
  6. Your progress will be monitored with revisions(s) of the lab report.
  7. Your instructor can provide most of the investigation materials and equipment.
  8. Safety is paramount. Lab activities will be performed at school, under supervision.


  1. This investigation evaluates your INQuiry Learning Targets and counts as exam points.
  2. Your semester grade could shift as much as two grade letters!     C → A     or     C → F
  3. Each group member will complete an evaluation of their and their partner's performance.
  4. Group members may wish to partition the work. However, each group member will be responsible for complete understanding of all parts of the investigation! The instructor may individually quiz a group member as part of the evaluation.
  5. The final product will be graded with this rubric.