Antacid Effectiveness


Which commercial antacid tablet is most effective at neutralizing HCl?


The student provides information on the nature of acids and bases, the role of acids in food digestion, and the need for and action of antacids.


The student provides an "If _______ then ______, because ______" statement that specifies which (if) brand of antacid will be most effective, (then) what indication they will of its effectiveness and the (because) reason they picked that brand of antacid.



The student will modify this basic procedure as needed to ensure all needed components of a good procedure are specified.

  1. Crush one each of the three brands of antacid tablet.
  2. Add the crushed tablet to a flask. Label the flask.
  3. Add 100 ml of H2O to each flask.
  4. Swirl the flask to dissolve as much of the tablet as possible.
  5. To each flask add the BTB drop by drop until a noticeable blue color is observed.
  6. Add the HCL drop by drop to the flask. Count the drops! With each drop swirl the flask to mix the contents.
  7. At the point the acid is no longer neutralized the color will change to green. When the solution is acidic, the solution becomes yellow.
  8. Record the number of drops required to make the solution acidic.


Student provided


Student provided