Physical and Chemical Properties Quiz

1. In the concept map below, fill in the names for the phase changes. 1 point each.

Blank concept map for phase changes of matter

2. Decide whether each of the following processes is primarily a Physical or a Chemical change. After writing physical or chemical, explain why you answered as you did. 2 points each.

  1. Frost forming on a cold night.
  2. A tomato plant grows from a watered seed.
  3. A firecracker explodes creating a mixture of gases.
  4. A carpenter cuts a wooden board to a specific length.
  5. A bicycle left out in the rain starts to rust.
  6. Using a magnet to separate a mixture of iron filings and sawdust.
  7. A prospector dips his gold pan into the sediments of a river bottom and swirls the mixture of sand, gravel and gold flakes around until the denser gold flakes sinks to the bottom of the gold pan.
  8. Ice cream melts.