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How Oil Refining Works Questions

After reading the article answer these questions with complete sentences in your journal.

  1. What are fossil fuels made from?
  2. What are hydrocarbons?
  3. What three structures (shapes of the molecules) for hydrocarbons are mentioned in the section titled "Crude Oil" ?
  4. Hydrocarbons can be
    a. gases c. solids
    b. liquids d. all of these
  5. What are the two most common elements in crude oil?
  6. What percentage of crude oil is made up of those two most common elements?
  7. How are all the many mixed hydrocarbons of crude oil separated from one another?
  8. Fractional distillation separates mixtures based upon the component's
    a. boiling point c. melting point
    b. freezing point d. none of these
  9. The larger the number of carbon atoms in a hydrocarbon chain, the __________ (greater or lower) the vaporization temperature.
  10. Complete the table of products made from crude oil.
    Row Product Name Number of Carbon Atoms Boiling Point Range
    1 petroleum gas 1 to 4 < 104°
  11. Explain the relationship between the fraction's boiling point and the number of carbon atoms in that component.
  12. What is the relationship between the state of matter of a crude oil component and the number of carbon atoms in the component?
  13. What is the range of temperatures found in a distillation column?
  14. What percentage of crude oil is gasoline?
  15. Explain how chemical processing increases the amount of gasoline that can be made from crude oil.