Microscope & Chem. Review Quiz

  1. What is the total image magnification if the microscope ocular is 5x and the objective lens is 10x? ________
  2. When the slide is moved up (away from the user) the image moves __________________.
  3. When the slide is to the right the image moves __________________.
  4. Compared to a lower power, is the field of view (FOV) larger or smaller when using high power?__________
  5. What is wrong with the way the microscope on the overhead projector is stored?  
  6. What element is in group 4A, period 2? ____________
  7. Draw a Bohr diagram for boron. 
  8. Draw a Lewis diagram for boron 
  9. Use a Lewis diagram to show KCl forming. 
  10. Is KCl an ionic compound? Why? 
  11. Use a Lewis diagram to show CO2 forming. 
  12. Is CO2 an ionic compound? Why? 
  13. Balance this equation: ____ Ag + ____ S     ____ Ag2S