Matter and Atomic Structure Practice Test

  1. Define matter in a complete sentence.

  2. Describe the shape and volume characteristics for these state of matter.
    Phase Shape Volume

  3. List three physical properties of matter.
  4. Name two chemical property of matter.
  5. Tell whether the following are chemical or physical changes:
    ________ toasting bread ________ cutting a piece of paper
    ________ dry ice turning into vapor ________ cutting a flower
  6. To melt 2 grams of substance X requires 400 Joules (metric energy units). When the liquid freezes how much energy is released?
  7. Are these homogeneous (HOM) or heterogeneous (HET) mixtures?
    ________ chunky peanut butter ________ smooth peanut butter
    ________ marking pen inks ________ the chair you are sitting on.
  8. Compare and contrast an element and a compound.

  9. Are these elements (ELE) or compounds (COM) or mixtures (MIX) ?
    You have three choices !
    _______ wood _______ carbon _______ play dough
    _______ air _______ oxygen _______ table salt
  10. Complete this phase change concept map. Empty Phase Change Diagram
  11. Complete this phase change diagram. Write in the names of the phases (dashed lines) and the phase change processes (arrows). There are seven answers.
    empty phase change concept map

  12. Find sulfur on the periodic table. How many protons are in sulfur? __________
  13. What is the atomic number of sulfur? ________
  14. What is the atomic mass of sulfur? ________         What is the symbol for sulfur? ________
  15. How many neutrons are in the most common isotope of sulfur? ________
  16. In what group is sulfur ? ________         In what period is sulfur? ________
  17. Below draw a Bohr diagram for sulfur.         Below draw a Lewis diagram for sulfur.