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Atomic Structure, Bonding, Radioactivity Test Study Guide

You should have these papers in your notebook:

Sample Questions:

  1. Draw a Lewis diagram for 115B.
  2. Give examples of an ionic and a covalent molecule.
  3. Why is water a polar molecule?
  4. Is KCl a salt ?
  5. Why do we focus most on the valence electrons when discussing chemical bonding?
  6. N2 is a triple bond. What does that mean? Show the Lewis diagram.
  7. Describe ionic and covalent bonds in terms of metallic and non-metallic elements.
  8. Balance the following equation: ____ H2 + ____ O2 ____ H2O
  9. Are group 7 elements e- donators or acceptors?
  10. Are group 1 elements e- donators or acceptors?
  11. Describe step by step the Solutions (precipitate) activity.
  12. What were the reactants in the Solutions (precipitate) activity?
  13. What were the products in the Solutions (precipitate) activity?
  14. Describe what Mr. Rick did to retrieve the chalk and salt.
  15. What is radioactivity?
  16. Compare and contrast alpha and beta particles.
  17. Compare and contrast alpha and gamma particles.
  18. Why are some isotopes radioactive and others not ?
  19. How much of the radioactive substance is left after 1 half-life?
  20. After 3 half-lives, how much of a radioactive sample will be left ?
  21. Use your 14C graph to estimate how long it would take for 85% of the 14C in a sample to decay.