Covalent Bonding Questions

  1. Define a covalent chemical bond. 

  2. Why are some chemical bonds covalent? 

  3. Which periodic table groups are more likely to form covalent bonds? 

  4. Glucose is an important covalent molecule. What is the formula for glucose? 

  5. Why will you be discussing glucose a lot next year in science class? 

  6. Give an example of a molecules with:
    1. Single Bond: ________________________________
    2. Double Bond: ________________________________
    3. Triple Bond: ________________________________
  7. What is the relationship between bond order and potential chemical energy? 

  8. Give three examples of diatomic molecules 

  9. What is your favorite polar molecule? 

  10. Draw the structural formulas for a molecule with these properties:
    1. Single Bond: 

    2. Double Bond: 

    3. Triple Bond: 

    4. Two single bonds 

    5. Four single bonds 

  11. Contrast the properties of ionic and covalently bonded compounds: