The Whole Cell Catalog

There is not much that you cannot buy by mail-order any more. There are catalogs for just about anything you can think of. Your task in this assignment is to create a catalog for something that there may not be a market for yet, but you never know about the future. Your catalog will be for the major organelles in a cell.

  1. You will be responsible for the catalog pages describing each of the following (10) organelles, and any others you would like to add: cell membrane, ribosomes, golgi apparatus, nucleus, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, rough ER, cytoplasm, lysosomes, vacuoles, mitochondria.
  2. Use textbooks or other references to look up information on the organelles.
  3. Design a page in your catalog for each organelle. Each page must include a written description of the organelle, a sales pitch, the price for the organelle, and a full-color hand-drawn diagram to illustrate your "product." Make sure that the price for your organelle is appropriate for the value of the organelle to the cell. Be sure to leave a 1.5" margin on the left and 1" margins on all other edges.
  4. You will need to design a cover for your catalog and a Table of Contents which will be the first page inside the cover of your catalog. The Table of Contents should include the organelle and its page number.