Mitosis Vocabulary Quiz 2 Key

  1.   g   binary fission
  2.   h   cell cycle
  3.   i   centriole
  4.   b   centromere
  5.   j   chromatids
  6.   c   chromatin
  7.   a   chromosome
  8.   d   cytokinesis
  9.   k   gene
  10.   f   genome
  11.   e   mitosis
  1. Thread-like association of DNA and proteins in a cell's nucleus.
  2. Constricted central region of a chromosome where microtubules attach.
  3. DNA-protein complex that coils to form the chromosome.
  4. Division of the cytoplasm following mitosis.
  5. Eukaryotic cell division in which chromosome count is maintained.
  6. Total set of a cell's DNA.
  7. bacterial mode of asexual reproduction.
  8. Four step process of cell division.
  9. Two cylinders of 9 triplet pairs each of microtubules involved with movement of chromosomes in animal division.
  10. The two parts of a replicated chromosome. Each is called a sister chromatid.
  11. A discrete unit of hereditary information encoded in DNA.