Diffusion and Osmosis Quiz

  1. Calculate the surface area, volume and the ratio of surface area to volume for a cell. Assume the cell is a cube 5 µm on a side. Show all your work, units and calculations.
    surface area volume surface area / volume




  2. All the cell's nutrients and respiration gases must travel through the cell surface. Discuss why this sets a limit to the maximum size of a cell.
  3. What is a semi-permeable membrane?
  4. Compare and contrast diffusion and osmosis.
  5. On the back of this paper write an experimental procedure to determine the approximate solute concentration of a tissue sample. The final steps of the procedure should tell the experimenter how to interpret the data. The materials you have are distilled water, samples of the tissue, NaCl, graduated cylinders, a balance and plenty of beakers. Be sure to use these terms in your procedure: diffusion, osmosis, isotonic solution, hypertonic solution and hypotonic solution.