Cancer Reading Questions

After reading pages 126 and 127 in Campbell answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. What system controls the cell cycle?
  2. What type of molecules are used to signal the "stop" and "go-ahead" messages to a cell?
  3. What will a normal cell do when it gets the G1 go-ahead signal?
  4. What happens if a normal cell never receives the G1 go-ahead signal?
  5. What is cancer?
  6. Compare and contrast benign and malignant tumors.
  7. What is the danger from a malignant cancer?
  8. Define metastasis.
  9. Describe the four site-based categories of cancer.
  10. How can radiation which disrupts cell division be more harmful to cancer cells than normal cells?
  11. What are side effects of radiation cancer treatment?
  12. How do antimitotic drugs combat cancers?
  13. What actions are you doing now to reduce your risk of cancer?
  14. What actions do you think you should be doing to reduce your risk of cancer?